Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Week 4 - Whole 30

Week 4 – Whole 30

How are we here I don’t know.  I must admit that the weeks have flown by and so far I can honestly say that I enjoy eating like this.  I do however miss having a glass of wine or two and the occasional treat. I am interested to see how much I have weight and inches I have lost.  I defo find it really hard to relax without a glass of wine, which I think it is a little sad. 

I have started a course and the homework has begun. 

Day 22 – Still tiger blood

Not feeling fantastic in some ways as today I feel a little tired and a little grumpy but that might be hormonal.

Breakfast was a breakfast casserole with  Lancashire sausage chopped in and it was lovely.

Lunch was a tasty jacket potato with Tuna and tomato.  I forgot to take a picture.

Dinner was a spanish omlette with Asparagus.
My running has been neglected the last few weeks so I am going to get my rear into gear this week and get into a better routine.  I am not sure what to do about swimming as my local pool is closing for two months and I am gutted. Today i started as i mean to go though and have had a 3.5 mile run and a good hour long swim.

Day 23, 24 and 25

Well they have been crazy busy days and that has meant I have not been on top of my game but I have kept on plan.

Breakfasts have been a mixture of breakfast casseroles and banana and egg pancakes.

Lunches have been mixed too and my fav was at a careers fayre that I attended of chicken, potatoes and salad.  Big fail on pictures this week.  I think my brain has been a little frizzled!

My fav Dinner have been shappards pie with a potato and cauliflower mash.

My fav snack so far this week as it saved me from crashing.
So how have I been feeling.  Well in all honestly, not fantastic.  I have almost quit a few times this week but I honestly think it is for hormonal reasons and feeling tired (again hormonal).  I will be pleased when I have finished, not because I want to pig out on sugar or anything in particular but just to not feel so restricted.  I am forming a plan on how I am going to continue and will keep you posted.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Whole 30 - Week 3

I can’t believe we are on week 3 and I am feeling good.  I have not really had too many side effects.  I have tried some nice recipes so far and looking forward to trying some more.  Here are Week 1 and Week 2 details.

Day 15 – Extra energy and sugar craving

I am feeling pretty good to be honest but I am fancying a little bit of sugar but not missing the mindless sugar that I was eating. 

So today I have had chorizo and mushroom omelette 

Banana before my lunch time run.

Lunch was a tasty jacket potato with turkey chilli

I had a nakd bar before swimming, which I enjoyed but I was starving while swimming which was a distraction.  Need to  think of something a little more filling I think.

Dinner was turkey chilli again with Zoodles and it was lush.

 Day 16 – tiger blood

Today I must say I am feeling good and strong.  I also am really starting to notice a difference in my appearance.  My middle section feels slimmer (it may be in my head but I am not measuring myself yet) and I just feel lighter if that makes sense?    I am also starting to think about what I am going to do when the Whole 30 is finished.  I defo like eating this way and at the moment am not sure what to do when it is finished.  I have a weekend away with the girls planned just after I finish and can’t really decide what to do.  We are eating out and I know I will have a GF pizza as that is one treat I have missed.  Otherwise I think I am wanting to stick to it.  Usually we have a few drinks but I am not sure I want to do that.  I am thinking of moving over to  the Paleo diet and having a treat meal/drink once a week.  I would love to know what other people think.

Well today is WIAW from Peas and Crayons
Fall into Good Habits: WIAW
So here are my eats

Breakfast was the most yummy chorizo, Asparagus and mushroom omelette and a tea with almond milk.

Lunch  - I was on a course all day and took a tuna salad with me.  I totally forgot to take a picture.  It could have done with more in but it was filling and satisfying. 

Dinner was a really tasty dish I have not had for ages.  Chorizo, vegetable stir-fry with a poached egg on top. Seriously yummy.

100g chorizo sliced

1.5 pepper cut into chunks

1 onion cut into chunks

Potato quarters (cooked already and I used about 7 new potatoes)

1 courgette cut into chunks

0.5 punnet of mushrooms cut into quarters

1 garlic clove

1 chopped chilli

Olive oil

2 eggs
I heated the pan nice and hot and cook chorizo.  Once the chorizo is cooked and the oil released set aside the chorizo.  Cook through all the other ingredients and once cooked add back the chorizo.  Then poach two eggs in a separate pan.  Dish up the food and top with the poached egg and enjoy.

I am still enjoying snacking on fruit, seeds and nuts.

Days 17 & 18 – Tiger blood

Well I have had such a busy crazy few days but am sticking to it and feeling good.   This is going to have to be a quick post.   Day 17 whizzed by and in all honestly I didn’t take a single picture and I don’t even think I can remember what I ate!!  I know I stuck to it and am really starting to feel like I have lots of energy. 

Day 18 was also some what of whirl and my meals were planned and enjoyed.  For breakfast I had a lovely slice of breakfast casserole and lunch was a lovely bowl of soup with pumpkin seeds.

Dinner was a very tasty Thai Green King Prawn Curry and very yum.

Day 19 – Gain is tiger blood

I defo seem to have my energy but I have been struggling when running to have the energy I need.  I think this might be more to do with the crazy week I have had as opposed to what I am eating.  I can honestly say I have not been hungry at all which is a bonus and I am not really missing anything too badly.  I have had a busy and mad week that I know I would benefit from enjoying a glass of wine tonight but I will resist.

Breakfast was another slice of breakfast casserole which is easy to eat when I am short of time on a morning.  The only thing I will say is that I am bored with it so really need to think of something new or to add something more tasty in. 

Lunch was tasty jacket potato with chicken curry – yet again I forgot to take a picture.  Some blogger I am!!

Dinner tonight is going to be a beef burger with sweet potato frys and I already can’t wait mmmmmm

This weekend I don’t have any definite plans other than to go walking and take in the beautify autumn leaves.  Autumn is defo my fav season. I just love all the colours and food and I actually like the cold crisp weather.  I know I am weird!  One thing I do miss is a weekly treat and that is something I am going to defo incorporate once the whole 30 is finished.  I am still not sure what I am going to do moving forward but still think Paleo might be on my horizon.


Days 20 & 21

The weekend has been lovely and so has my meals this weekend.  It started with an amazing burger with mushroom buns.  It was lovely.

Saturday started with a hearty breakfast of eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.

I can’t remember what my lunch was on Saturday but my dinner was an amazing Malaysian chicken curry from ‘I Quit sugar’ slow cooker cook book.  I made from when my friends came to lunch. 

Autumn is definitely here now and I love it.
Oh need to weed

Sunday was a busy but a lovely day as we went to look for some house furniture.  On the way home we went out for dinner to Chiquito’s and I had a lovely tasty meal of Prawn Skewers, roast potatoes and broccoli.  It was delish.  The restaurant is really nice, the service was a little slow but the staff were very friendly.

We would go back.

So how am I feeling well to be honest I am a bit grumpy.  That said I am not craving sugar at all now or missing it really.  I am just missing the occasions treat and a glass or two of wine.  I have some Paleo treats planned for when I finish but really like eating like this.
Have any of you tried the whole 30 and what you did afterwards?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Am I training or what?!

After the Great North Run I had a little break and went on holiday.  It was lovely but I missed exercising.  I am now getting back to it although my running club session has had to be put on hold as I have started a college class.  I really miss seeing everyone and will have to find away to catch up with them.

I am running and swimming again and started back properly last week.  I am not however cycling and I will have to get back on it.

I have treated myself to some new running clothes, a new light weight jacket, headband and gloves. They are from Aldi and they are great value.

I have nothing planned at the moment but am looking for my adventures next year.

Have you got anything in the pipe line??