Wednesday, 6 May 2015

WIAW#56 and week 5

WIAW is here again thanks to peas and crayons.
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So again I am going to share my fav meals this week.

Breakfast has to be kale, mushrooms and eggs.  Ok it sounds a bit weird but I am new to kale and just love it.

Honestly it tasted much better than it looked!

I realise I have not taken one picture of any lunches last week.  What is going on with me but my fav was  a lentil and butter bean stew (again tasted nicer than it sounds).  Sorry no picture.  Picture fails this week.

Dinner has to be homemade fish and chips yum yum yum.

I bought a great little think for keeping onion halves fresh in the fridge.
I realised I have not done a training or weekend post

So this weeks training - Week 5

Sunday – 1 hour turbo session
Monday – Walk and a glass of wine! (no run as bank holiday and pool was shut)

Tuesday – 3.5 mile run
Wednesday  - early morning turbo session in my not so sexy but a bargain red cycling shorts.  Only £6.50 from Wiggle.

Thursday  - Swim and Run
Friday – Turbo and run
Saturday Swim

How is your week going?
I am in a little meal rut at the moment so meal ideas are most welcome

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


A very good but cold morning to you all and here we are again at WIAW thanks to Peas andCrayons (and friends). 
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So far this week’s training is going ok but I have started to notice that I am suffering headaches from long sessions so any advice on that is most welcome.

Anyway back to my eats and this time I am showing my fav meals from last week.

Breakfast was so yummy.  I made a ham and mushroom omelette and had it with some fried curly kale.  The first time I have done that and really liked it.  I just fried it with salt and pepper.  I will be having this again!!

Lunch – I made a asparagus, pea and brown rice soup and it is so lovely. I can’t remember where the recipe comes from and don’t think I made it right to the recipe as can’t find it but it was fresh tasting and filling.

Dinner – Homemade chicken and Aubergine curry and rice.  I should have made cauliflower rice as didn’t enjoy the white rice so much.  The curry was nice but needs a few tweaks. 

Treat – Well my fav treat this week was by far the lovely chocolate orange brownie I had with Buckingham Place tea.  It was so good that I can hardly stop thinking about it!

I must just add a huge congratulation to the British Triathlon team this weekend who won the mens and womens World Triathlon Series race at Cape Town.  Also to Helen Jenkins for making it back from injury and getting 7th place.

What has been your favourite food this week?

Any training and headache advice is most welcome.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Week 4 and the most amazing brownie

The weekend flew by something to do with studying and training for a triathlon ;)

Friday was another beautiful day and was just calling for a tasty gin and tonic.

Saturday was filled with homework and more homework and a little housework!

Sunday however was a fun.  It was the London marathon so I got up early and did my first one hour session on the turbo while watching a documentary on Paula Radcliffe.  She is one amazing lady and a great inspiration.

I watched some of the London Marathon and then got ready for the day. 
We went to town and I had a slice of the most amazing chocolate orange brownie.  It was soooo good.

Last week’s training went well and to plan but still feel like I am not at all ready or in the right place at the moment.  

This week’s training plan

Sunday  - One hour turbo session  - Done
Monday – Run and swim
Tuesday  - turbo and run
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Swim and run
Friday – Trubo and run
Saturday Run, swim, run (depending on my hip)

Lets get this week going!