Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WIAW #53

Wow we are here again and how the week is flying. 

My week 2 training so far is going good although my hip is proving to be an issue this week which is not ideal. 

Anyway here we are again with WIAW thanks to Peas and Crayons
Breakfast  - Oats not very interesting i am afraid!

Lunch  - was an easy Spanish omelette with peas and veg.  It was very filling and as my dinner was going to be late ideal.

Dinner – A tasty prawn tagatelli.  I was so excited to have this as it is the first time I have found gluten free and I used to love it.  It was from Tesco and although you only get 3 portions per bag I thought it would be a nice treat. 


It was not the best pasta I have ever had but it was alright and it went lovely with the prawns, tomatoes, veg, capers  and jalapenos.  Would I buy it again?  Probably not seeing how we both eat it and it will not even make two meals, also the consistency was ok but not fantastic. 

Snacking  - I am trying to stick to fruit and this week I have craved sugar so I have really tried to manage that. 

 I went on the turbo trainer again this morning and it is going to be love!!  I did a interval hill session and boy was I sweating by the end of it.  I am really starting to re-love my training and now just need my hip to join the party and stop hurting when I run!!

Spring has sprong

How is all your training going?

Anyone recommend a good gluten free pasta?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Weekend Fun and Week 2

This weekend was not only filled with the fun of shopping with my best bud but also the excitement that I finally have a turbo trainer and it is set up.  I went on it on Sunday and it was hard work but really good.  It is so quiet that I happily listened to a sit com on sky go and peddled away.  I just kept it on the level for 30 mins but by the end I was sweating and really enjoyed it.   I hope and think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

So roundup of last week’s training
Week 1
Sunday – Exercise bike interval training
Monday – bank holiday wimpiness!
Tuesday – Run, a very hilly trail run that made my legs die!
Wednesday – Bike, fail as couldn’t get to the bike, excuses, excuses
Thursday – Swim, drill session that went well and Run, 3.5 miles flatish as legs were like lead
Friday – Run, hill run again and my hips flared up.

Not the best first week but a start.

Week 2  of 10  - Training plan
Sunday – turbo session
Monday – Run and swim (both done).  Swim was so good and I am so happy I managed a mile in about 33 mins.  Proud of myself.

Tuesday – Run 3 miles          
Wednesday – Turbo session
Thursday – Swim and run
Friday – Run and turbo
Saturday - Rest

I haven’t mentioned before that I have an on-going hip problem that has been driving me mad.  I now think I have Bursitis in my right hip that was improving but I slipped over at the weekend (no alcohol involved) and it  has aggravated it again.  I have been stretching like a trooper and am looking to do strength exercises as that is what I think is causing the issues.  It only really hurts when I am running and running with hills.

On the triathlon front I still have not heard if I am in but I have my eye on some others. For the first time in a long time I am feeling really excited and motivated to train and what is more I am enjoying it.  No loving it (bar the hip!).

How was your weekend and what are your weeks training plan?

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

WIAW #52 and 10 Weeks to go (hopefully)

So I picked a Triathlon that I wanted to enter and realised that it was 10 weeks away from Sunday just gone.  Time to get my ass into gear if I wanted to do it and enjoy it.  The key phrase enjoy it!  My friend is doing it and it will be her first triathlon.  There is only one small problem.  Well quiet a big one really!  The event is full!  When my friend told me she had entered I said that I would too but couldn’t afford it right away but as most are popular but not full we didn’t think it would be an issue.  No my error it is full. I have emailed them and they are going to see if I can get in.  I really hope so but if not I will enter one that is scheduled for the weekend after. 

So 10 weeks to go and this is week ones schedule

Week 1

Sunday – Interval bike session – Done

Bank holiday Monday -  Run – fail (no swim as pool closed due to bank holiday)

Tuesday  - Run – done.  Did a trail run and it was tough, really tough and I was shocked at how out of breath I was.  Obviously my cold has not fully gone.

Wednesday  - Bike session

Thursday – Swim and run

Friday – Bike and run.  I also want to try a Pilates class but not sure I will be home in time for it so will see.

Now let’s get to WIAW thanks to Peas and Crayons

Breakfast – was super tasty

Snacks banana and a pear. The pear was not the best to be honest.

Lunch – Left over quorn mince and vegetables.
It tasted much better than it looked!
The weather is changing here and spring is on the way so think it is almost time for salad. Mmmm

Afternoon snack – Mullerlight Skinny cappuccino yogurt.  It was lovely.

Dinner – slow cooked chicken and butter bean soup.  Not spring dinner but tasty all the same.
Easter weekend saw us enjoy a glass of wine or two and we really enjoy a new wine from Aldi that i had to share.

Am I ready to talk about my weight mmmmm, not sure.  Ok between us I have really gained some weight since October.  I have gained about a stone and feeling blah about it, no not blah but really rubbish about and our recent purchase of a full length mirror has not helped!

What are your event plans coming up?

How do you deal with weight gains?