Thursday, 2 June 2016

1st June - Day one

The first of June has done really well.  First day in my new job and first day cutting back on sugar.  I have had some lovely herbal teas that I am so pleased I bought and thoroughly enjoyed. 

I enjoyed an egg bake for breakfast

Asparagus, brown rice and pea soup last night that was lovely.

Let’s hope day 2 is just as good.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


June is here and I don’t really know where the year has gone so far.  It has been a busy one so far and filled with a lot of assignments and research.  I always knew it would be a challenge but boy this has been something else.  I trying very hard to find a balance.    Today seems me start a new job – exciting and scary

So June is here and so is my plan to make life easier.  I did the whole 30 on October 2014 and did me good. I must admit that I thought it was last October but realise it was the October before!!  I am not going fully down the whole 30 plan but I am cleaning my act up.  No more sneaky sweets, crisps and chocolate for me.  Welcome back clean, homemade food that nourishes and not hurts me.

Bring it on June.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Decision time and changes a foot

Another bank holiday weekend gone and more college work doe but not enough exercise that’s for sure.  Things have to change and will be changing.  I have had a very busy and stressful  few months if I am honest with working full time, doing a full time degree, applying for a promotion and change of job at work and training for a triathlon. 

Thankfully I got the promotion and now I have only two more assignments at College.  Ok one is a massive research project but that is by the by.

In all honestly I have not been in a good place of late.  It has all become a too much and something has had to give.   Training has become a chore, a stress and not something that I was enjoying.  It has added to the stress but more importantly the guilt of missing a session or two has been too much.  Soooooo with a very heavy heart I have decided to pull out of the triathlon in August and instead concentrate on being healthy and more relaxed.  I would have been different had my college year ended the beginning of July as I thought but it doesn’t end till 1st September and then I start my final year at Sunderland University on the 19th September. 

I have done some fun things too like meeting family and going to see an art exhibition that my mum was part of.

Also we went to York races and had a fab time and stayed in an amazing hotel.  My camera died so only a few pictures.

So tomorrow is June and I have an action plan of sorts.  Changes are a foot!!